Flare Network Signal Provider

Delivering data to the decentralized.

Participate in the Network

AlphaOracle's goal is to provide accurate data to the Flare Network on your behalf in order to give you a chance to participate in the Network. Additionally, we plan on delivering a wide range of data onto the Flare Network to drive an ecosystem of decentralized finance, gaming, real estate, and more. Delegating your signal vote allows you to participate in the network and compound your Spark (FLR).

median signal data
Stay Centered

AlphaOracle aggregates signals from high volume exchanges across the globe to provide a realistic, median price. This allows us to get prices in USDC, USDT, and other USD stablecoin denominations.

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reliable cloud hosted
Cloud Hosted

Our software is hosted on cloud infrastructure to mitigate downtime and ensure the best performance.


Vote Delegation

The Flare Network allows you to earn yield on their native token (FLR) by giving accurate pricing feeds to the network. Vote Delegation is the process of allowing a signal provider, like AlphaOracle, to provide those pricing feeds on your behalf, while you maintain custody of your Spark (FLR).


Signal Providers

Applications built on decentralized networks benefit from accurate off-chain data. The more types of data that flow into the network, the more utility it can bring to its users. Signal Providers are entities that bring off-chain data onto the Flare Network. AlphaOracle is a signal provider looking to partner with businesses and developers to grow utility and build applications.

Flare Network

Supporting the Flare Network

The Flare Network is a next generation blockchain that brings Turing complete smart contracts to assets without the costly gas fees. It also allows network participants and holders of its native asset, Spark (FLR), the unique ability to earn rewards, risk free, by providing accurate price feeds. AlphaOracle operates a full node to increase the decentralization of the network.