Vote Delegation

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Delegation Options

You are able to wrap and delegate your Spark (FLR) or Songbird (SGB) to AlphaOracle a couple different ways.

  1. AlphaOracle's Web Form: Supports MetaMask Browser Extension, and most Software Wallet Browser such as D'Cent, MetaMask, BiFrost.
    Use our Delegation Form at your own risk, if you do not feel comfortable using the forms or are not sure how to delegate, please use the Bifrost Wallet for wrapping/unwrapping and delegation instead. We are providing these as tools for users who know how to interact with smart contracts. Please DO NOT EVER send us SGB or WSGB directly.

  2. Delegate

  3. BiFrost Wallet App's Native Delegation Form: See How To Article on how to do so within the App.
  4. Using the Songbird Network's Block Explorer (Advanced Users)

About Vote Delegation

One of the many ways to earn on the Flare Network is vote delegation. It is a risk-free way to potentially earn rewards, in Spark (FLR), from the FTSO. As a holder of FLR, you can delegate your vote to a signal provider, such as AlphaOracle, to have a chance to earn rewards.

To do this, you can use the methods listed abouve. The BiFrost Wallet is a mobile wallet that lets you custody your FLR and delegate your vote to a signal provider. If you hold your FLR on MetaMask, or another browser enabled web3 wallet, you can utilize AlphaOracle's web form to delegate your vote.

When you delegate your vote you actually use WFLR (Wrapped FLR) which is a 1:1 representation you get based on the amount of FLR you have.