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Connect Your Wallet

You can delegate your vote to AlphaOracle via our web form with most web3 enabled browser extensions, such as MetaMask. Alternatively, we support software wallet browsers such as MetaMask's Software wallet, D'CENT Software Wallet, and the Bifrost Wallet, or any others that let you connect to the Flare/Songbird networks.

IMPORTANT! Use the forms below at your own risk, if you do not feel comfortable using the forms or are not sure how to delegate, please use the Bifrost Wallet for wrapping/unwrapping and delegation instead. We are providing these as tools for users who know how to interact with smart contracts. Please DO NOT EVER send us any tokens directly.

Connect your wallet to either the Flare or the Songbird Network in order to use the wrap, unwrap, or delegation forms.

Account Info

After connecting your account, information regarding your address's balances and delegation status should be displayed. If you are currently delegating to providers, they will show up in the Delegation Form.

Address -
Total FLR -
Total WFLR -
Undelegated WFLR -
Delegation Mode -
Wrap FLR

By wrapping FLR you increase the amount you have available to delegate to AlphaOracle or other providers.

Important! Do not wrap ALL of your FLR as you will run out of gas to pay for transactions.

Available FLR to wrap: -


You can Unwrap your current WFLR here.

Available WFLR to unwrap: -

Delegation Form

Enter the amount you want delegated in Percentage terms. Your available WFLR percentage represents the amount you have available to delegate. If you need more WFLR, you can wrap FLR above, or decrease your current amount delegated to a provider by first reducing the current percentage then click 'delegate' to adjust the amount. Alternatively you can click 'undelegate' to remove all delegation to a given provider.

You can pick from our list of known provider addresses or enter one yourself

AlphaOracle's Flare Address: 0x47b6effe71abd4e8cdcc56f2341beb404f804b87

Available percentage WFLR for delegation -

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Claim Rewards

The Songbird and Flare Networks have delegation and rewards cycles that are important to understand when delegating and claiming rewards. Reward cycles begin and end every Saturday at 8:40 UTC. These cycles are called Reward Epochs. Each new Reward Epoch begins on Saturday and it is also the time when you can claim rewards for the previous Epoch. In order to ensure your vote delegation is counted for a Reward Epoch your vote delegations need to be in before Thursdays at 14:41 UTC. Check out this video by Flare Community in order to understand the cycles better:

Once you are eligible to claim rewards you can visit the Songbird Block Explorer and connect via Metamask to do so.

  1. Visit the FtsoRewardManager Contract: FtsoRewardManager Contract
  2. Connect via MetaMask and then use Function #3, claimReward
  3. Input your address in the _recipient field and the Reward Epoch(s) you wish to claim rewards for, and then click Write to confirm the transaction
If you were eligible for the reward claim and the transaction was successful you should see your rewards show up in your balance. If you are having issues claiming, make sure you are entering the correct Reward Epoch number. Remember you cannot claim mid Epoch, you must wait until 8:40 UTC on Saturday's to claim rewards for the previous Reward Epoch.


If you have trouble interacting with this pageit is typically due to your wallet not pointing to the correct Network, or your wallet not being detected. Below are some solutions to these problems, as well as a walkthrough on how to use your Ledger Nano device.